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Video: Muslim Brotherhood with Secret Access to Homeland Security?

The following video interview sounds like something from a conspiritists of America movie, but you get to listen to the testimony with your own ears and watch Secretary Napolitano respond to congress with your own eyes. Remember . . . this is not some state rep or district attorney in some little state somewhere. As Pamela Geller reminds us:

“This is the head of Homeland Security claiming ignorance of the most dangerous threat to the homeland, the global jihad and Islamic imperialism and expansion.”

Can anyone say, “Scary?” Someone please comment below and tell me why this shouldn’t be a concern to us? Aren’t any of the “politically correct” concerned YET?????? When do you suppose the multiculturalist, tolerant, politically correct will get concerned? After they’re wearing burkas? After the gay men (and women) have all been killed by the sword? Make no mistake, NO ONE escapes once Islam is the majority force and sharia is the law of the land . . . NO ONE!!!!!  [Except those who convert. Or those who pay the jizya tax.]

Beware the camel’s nose! The saying from an old Arabian proverb was: “If the camel once gets his nose in the tent, his body will soon follow.”

Please view the entire video. The scary part is toward the end. The buildup is just to show that Janet Napolitano doesn’t like to answer questions with a yes or no.

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